Biden signs new orders to change immigration policy in the United States

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden signed three new executive orders on immigration that seek to overhaul some existing policies and scrap the controversial measures of the Donald Trump administration.

According to White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki, the new administration needs time to “repair” the damage caused by the previous government, including reuniting immigrant children with their families in detention centers.

In fact, one of the executive orders issued provides for the creation of a working group focused on identifying all minors separated from their parents or guardians under the zero-tolerance policy promoted by the Republican governor in 2018.

This team will be tasked with reuniting hundreds of immigrant children who have been removed from their families by Trump’s decisions, will provide periodic reports on the matter to Biden, and propose measures on how to prevent a similar separation in the future.

The task force, one of Biden’s most important election promises, was originally scheduled to be announced Friday, but was postponed after a delay in confirmation. Alejandro Mayuras As Minister of Homeland Security.

Another executive order seeks to address the root causes of immigration and the reasons that draw people, mainly from Central America, to the border between the United States and Mexico.

The third focuses on reviewing the immigration legal system and “promoting the integration and integration of immigrants,” according to the White House.

It would also stimulate a review of Trump’s public charge rule, which limits immigrants’ ability to obtain green cards if they use public benefits such as Medicard, food stamps and housing vouchers.

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According to official sources, the Trump administration has sent more than 60,000 asylum seekers back to Mexico, and left thousands more waiting at the border while their cases are analyzed.

In addition, with the mandate of the Republicans, thousands of immigrant minors were separated from their parents on the southern border: the images of these children in detention centers, lying on the ground and in precarious conditions, aroused widespread rejection within and outside the nation. northern.

Meanwhile, Biden promised in his presidential campaign a policy of rapprochement with the interests of immigrants, and highlighted his intention to introduce bills to achieve these goals.

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