This is how the advance (paid) authorization that will be required to travel to the UK works

This week, the British government began implementing its new system Electronic travel authorization (ETA), which represents an important step towards the complete digitalization of its borders, which is the goal set by the country for 2025.

This change is the first stage It started on November 15th With citizens holding Qatari passports, it will eventually be extended to visitors from Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada, in a process that will continue for several months. Starting in February next year, visitors from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Jordan will be next on the list. As the year goes on, it will be gradually implemented around the world, becoming a… A mandatory requirement for all international travellers Towards the end of 2024.

This initiative will completely replace the current one Electronic visa exemption system (EVW), which can be requested by citizens of some countries that do not require prior visa approval, and according to sources from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government, promises to be an ideal option for those who need to enter and exit British territory on multiple occasions, as it can Be valid for up to six months, meaning you will not need to apply for a new travel authorization if you visit the UK again within the authorized period.

The process is also simple, similar to the ESTA system that Spaniards, among other citizens, have to do when they travel to the United States. That one time ETA requirements Available for a country, visitors to this site will need to complete an online order form granting them Permission to enter the United Kingdom. Most applicants will be able to use the mobile app to speed up the process, with an almost immediate fast decision from the government, although it can take up to 72 hours.

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Requirements for filling out this form include: A valid biometric passport From an eligible country, travel details, email address, and credit or debit card. In addition, you will be asked to answer a set of questions regarding suitability. Such as the US Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA), which is a small system Fee £10 (about 11.66 euros) for the application process, which is recommended to be submitted several days before the trip. Tourists from countries that do not have visa-free entry agreements with the UK, such as the European Union, will still need to apply for the corresponding visa.

The conservative government has highlighted that introducing this system is part of its strategy Completely digitize your borders At British airports by the end of 2025, the plan is for some passengers to enter the country without using the electronic passport gate or having to speak to a border agent, thanks to Facial recognition technology It will allow the launch of so-called “contactless passes”. Among other benefits, this is expected to significantly reduce queues at passport control.

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