This is how Samsung announces the launch of its new application for personal well-being

The story follows a modern young man who shares how the new AI-based Samsung Health app is helping him change his daily habits, heralding a new era in health technology.

In a world where personal well-being is increasingly becoming a priority, Samsung is taking a step into the future with the launch of Samsung Health, a daily well-being app powered by Galaxy AI technology. With global studies revealing that only 12% of people feel their wellbeing is at the right point and 45% of Gen Z avoid asking for help due to discomfort in discussing it, the brand is looking to change the game with its latest innovation. .

As part of its annual Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung presented this development through a short film produced by Ogilvy New York. The story follows a modern young man who comes face to face with the prehistoric instincts embodied by the caveman. The protagonist shares how the new AI-based Samsung Health app helps him change his daily habits, thus ushering in a new era in health technology.

Samsung Health not only offers a revolutionary approach to health monitoring, but also addresses the need for personalization. By seamlessly integrating with Samsung's device ecosystem, it provides personalized recommendations to improve sleep, exercise and daily movement. This synergy between technology and lifestyle seeks to facilitate positive changes.

“Samsung has an exciting vision for the future of people's health and is creating solutions based on the real, innate, unfiltered way people make decisions about their well-being every day. We wanted to lean into this reality and, at the same time, step away from the issue, and tell the decision-making process in a humorous way.” “We are pleased to help Samsung enter this new era in its technology,” he said. Muhammad ZiaCreative Director of Ogilvy New York Group.

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Samsung Health is not just an app; It is a tool that addresses everyday well-being challenges through empathy and cutting-edge technology. Through this innovation, the brand demonstrates its ongoing commitment to improving people's lives through smart and accessible solutions.

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