Dogball, a children's game that has become a highly competitive sport

Image source, World Dodgeball Association


“Punching” as it is known in Colombia has developed into a sport with its own world championship.

The game “quemado”, “ponchado”, “hidden ball”, “macho parado” or “cementerio”, as it is known in different parts of Latin America, is perhaps one of the most popular games in the world.

Many may associate it with the 2004 Hollywood comedy film starring Ben Stiller and Vincent Vaughn “Dodgeball” (“Balls in play“), where they mocked sports competition through this street game in which they try to hit members of the opposing team with the ball.

But in reality, playing dodgeball today is far from being a movie joke.

In recent years, it has transformed from being a street entertainment sport into a sport, and thanks precisely to its rapid growth, its first world championship was held in Manchester, United Kingdom, with teams of both genders and representatives from 10 countries in attendance.

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