This is how I managed to prevent it from reaching dangerous temperatures this summer

When summer arrives, it’s time for the pool, the beach, and even to go hiking in the mountains, but temperatures can also reach unbearable numbers. You also make us sweat a lot, too It can be dangerous for our iPhone They tend to overheat and can cause very serious malfunctions.

Namely, the components of an electronic device are designed to operate within a very specific temperature range. Exceeding or below these limits can lead to battery failure or even a chip explosion. And iPhone is not a team that can resist this, which caused Apple itself to create The operating limit is between 0 and 35°C.

In addition, iPhones are devices that tend to heat up very quickly, especially when we leave them in the sun and much more. If we use it in the meantime. This makes it really important to take various measures to send dangerous temperatures reaching.

A primitive but effective method: the freezer

Every year when the heat comes, we always look for a way to quickly lower the temperature of the iPhone to prevent it from breaking down specifically. On Twitter, one user explained: The way we can all be mindful of quickly cooling something downUse the freezer.

in this tweet He explains that after discovering that his iPhone has been very hot in recent days, I decided to put it in the freezer for a few minutes (Because it is not recommended to leave it for a long time below zero degrees). The result found, of course, is that the device has dropped in temperature and even started charging better.

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This makes sense to an extent, since iPhones perform better at a “normal” room temperature than 35 degrees. Mainly because its components can function optimally, especially the battery, No risk of overheating It must be directly blocked until it cools down.

But the thread ended up going viral, with a lot of divided comments Indicate whether or not it is a good idea to put them in the freezer. If we adhere to Apple’s recommendations, it is not recommended to do this precisely because the iPhone cannot be below 0 degrees Celsius, because it will also affect the components.

The most reliable tips to avoid overheating

But other than having that “cool” idea that came to mind, there is Various tips through which we avoided reaching the limits of high temperature. The best are:

  • Do not charge the device in extremely hot environments when downloading an app or installing an update, as this will favor the exothermic process.
  • Avoid using the device when you are at the beach Or in an environment given directly by the sun.
  • It is best to use the iPhone in the shade away from the sun, and not leave it exposed for a long time. It is recommended to keep it in your pocket or bag.
  • Resort to turning off the iPhone when we see that the temperature is running if we are not using it.
  • Remove the iPhone case If it does not conduct heat well. There are some exceptions where the case design allows heat to dissipate from the back and not focus on the iPhone.
  • In general, avoid using high-performance applications such as 3D games, augmented reality applications, or even video editing.
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With these tips you will be able Avoid having to feel your iPhone getting too hotor if it does and you notice it slowing down, you will be able to lower its temperature by reducing the demands you place on the device.

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