This is Emma Thompson’s transformation in Tronchatoro, the new Matilda movie

After much waiting, the new movie Matilda It will hit Netflix on December 25th; That’s why they made a video for Transformation Emma Thompson in a tronchaturo.

in the video Shared by Netflix, we can see how Emma Thompson He undergoes a long make-out session to become the tronchaturo manager.

This includes various modifications to his face, a special hairstyle, and a prosthetic chin, which gives him those rugged features that… Matilda’s school principal.

It’s all complemented by Emma Thompson’s performance, which was done entirely with character; At least that’s what it looks like in the developments presented by Netflix.

Fans are divided between Emma Thompson and Pam Ferris, the original Tronchatoro from Matilda

Although the videos and trailers new movie from Matilda Show us that Emma Thompson would make an excellent tronchaturo, many fans will miss Pam Ferris.

Although they know the quality Emma Thompsonthey consider it will be very It’s hard to beat Pam Ferris Like the villain tronchaturo.

They assert that the original actress did not need prostheses or make-up, as she had the imposing physique of a Matilda principal, which gave her greater presence.

But it wasn’t just her physique that Pam Ferris managed to deliver what is for many the ultimate tronchaturo, completely faithful to what Roald Dahl described in the book that inspired the movie.

tronchaturo (Tristar Pictures)

The new Matilda movie will be a musical

Something to highlight about the new version of Matilda And what worries fans of the original is that It will be a musical Not a traditional movie.

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This is because Netflix It will not be based on the book itself or the original movie, but on the theatrical run that was shown in the UK and was a huge success.

Not many purists imagine Matilda’s story could incorporate musical numbers into a film adaptation, for fear of ruining characters like Troncatoro.

We’ll see how Matilda, with Emma Thompson as a tronchatoro, is received at the Christmas Day premiere.

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