Countries with the most politicians in Pandora Papers

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In what has been called the largest global data breach in history, the . file pandora leaves They expose the international conventions of various notables, from celebrities to politicians.

report from Lists the countries with the highest number of politicians listed in Pandora Papers, shared by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. According to his calculations, Ukraine tops the list with 38 members, followed by Russia with 19 members and the United Arab Emirates with 11 members. Country on the list.In the top ten.

Infographic: Where are the politicians named in Pandora's Papers |  statista
The top 10 countries with the most politicians are on the list. Image source: Statista.

Some of the big names on the list include Ray Abdullah II From Jordan to Sheikh Mohammed bin RashidThe Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Lebanon and Ivory Coast, as well as the presidents of Azerbaijan, Kenya, Ecuador, Chile and Ukraine.

Another notable name is the Latin singer ShakiraTo the Beatles drummer, English Drummer Ringo Starr Indeed, the British star Elton John.

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