This is Amazon Freevee, the free video-on-demand platform with ads

MADRID (Portaltic/EP) – Amazon Freevee is a free video-on-demand with ads (AVOD) platform that provides access to TV series and movies for users in the US and UK.

The service comes as a result of the rebranding of IMDb TV, which became Amazon Freevee on April 27, according to a statement released by the company’s advertising division. In it, the platform boasts that it has tripled the number of monthly active users in the past two years.

Amazon Freevee programming consists of a list of original titles, a library of movies and series, and more than 75 ad-supported Free TV (FAST) channels, which offer a service similar to traditional TV with pre-set programming and ad breaks, like the latest update.

The platform also ensures that the ads shown along with their content are limited so as not to saturate the viewers. Its contents include films such as Deadpool, The Revenant and Shrek, as well as series such as Bosch, Mad Men, Lost and others. It also has documentaries like Pumping Iron and reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen.

Some of these titles are possible thanks to the agreements the platform has with companies like Disney and Universal, which ensure there is content more recognizable by the general public.

This service is, for now, exclusive to the US and UK. In addition, it is expected to arrive in Germany later this year. In the regions where you are located, it can be seen with Fire TV, Prime Video, Amazon Fire, Echo Show, Android TV, Apple TV, Google TV, LG, PlayStation 4, 5, Roku and Samsung Smart TVs (from 2017 onwards) forward), Xbox and Xfinity.

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