A pensioner loses 39 million euros in a million euros due to a mistake in managing the lottery

The Lottery Draw Mistakes Sometimes they cause some players who at first looked like they were winning, and then eventually weren’t. Sometimes day runners get it wrong or even late when it comes to getting a ticket.

But it also arises computer failure That makes players buy the wrong tickets. In fact, American Josh Buster won the jackpot in the Mega Millions National Draw because the ticket-issuing machine was broken and the same numbers were printed on all tickets.

Something similar happened to Marguerite de Micheli, a retired UK woman who for a moment thought she had won Nearly 40 Million Euros in Euromillions سحب Drawthey report in Mirror. His delusion was such that he had already imagined moving to another place and leaving his damp house. However, the reality check came when management told her she was not the winner. Who is responsible for the mentioned error?

wrong ticket

On March 29, De Micheli decided to play EuroMillions. Later, when he passed the post office to Check the match resultThey gave her a receipt indicating that she had won the jackpot. At that moment, she was excited when she thought that she could finally leave the moldy apartment in which she lives with her husband and that he would have the opportunity to retire.

However, his dreams were dashed when he rechecked the ticket and was told that his numbers were incorrect. “We are back to normal and my husband continues to work as a traffic agent,” he said in the British newspaper. Although they didn’t win the award, they already had plans to renovate their apartment with what they could save over the course of the year. The British citizen does not lose hope and confirmed it You will continue to play the other equalizer Similar to being able to realize his dream of living by the sea.

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