They’re porting Super Mario 64 to Game Boy Advance

No matter how much time has passed since its release in 1997, Super Mario 64 It remains one of the most beloved games in history, being the turning point for the franchise’s star Nintendo Where we saw the most famous plumber in the world make a huge leap in gameplay. This has led to fans creating different ports on consoles and the game itself. ComputerAnd now an unprecedented project was presented that completely surprised everyone and everyone.

Developer and model known as Joshua Barreto Creates a version of this classic for Game Boy Advance. Starting, Pareto I wanted to port the original game but that proved impossible for a number of reasons, including obvious hardware limitations. So you’re copying the code from scratch to run efficiently on a 32-bit laptop. He even shared his progress via video Youtube.

Here you can see it:

At the beginning of May, the creator showed a slowly moving red triangle and now it has moved Mario Jump and run in a world similar to that of the original console video game. It is reported that this custom version can be played on a real console. Through a video clip in which someone holds the devices in his hands and tests them in a beta phase, it is clear that the development is not finished yet.

Over time, the user wants to release the final version of the game to all users so that they can play it on compatible emulators or even on devices if they are using their flash card. Although he made it clear that he would not allow any kind of donations or payments for this work, otherwise the claims would come from him Nintendo They won’t keep you waiting, it’s their intellectual property after all.

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Remember, you can try Super Mario 64 in Nintendo Switch Online.

via: Kotaku

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Diary: This game will definitely have to be tried out in the next few days, as it’s a miracle that the console can run it effectively. It will be mandatory to follow the project until the final launch.

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