I’m an expert in architecture for well-being so you can discover if your home (and building) is healthy

To make the building healthy It must meet these five dimensions: improves physical and mental health, is designed to meet human needs, is built and maintained in a sustainable way, is flexible and adaptable and empowers people. These are the golden rules of healthy construction proposed by the architect Almudena Lopez de Rigo, Prescription Manager at VELUX Spain, a company that has just introduced its products Healthy Buildings Barometer 2024, With the aim of setting “the path towards healthier, more sustainable and resilient buildings”, as they point out.

The starting point of this study is not very encouraging because it reveals that “one in four Europeans lives in buildings where air quality is below national standards and more than 30 million citizens are affected by living in very dark spaces, which affects mental health.” And physical health,” they point out from Velox.

Alwiler apartment in Katowice Poland 8


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