They will screen Back To The Future for free at CECUT

They will screen Back To The Future for free at CECUT

“Back to the Future” was a point and followed as it marked so many people, entire generations. It’s impressive to see how there are kids who have watched and liked it so much, and adults who have been watching it for 37 years and looking forward to it today every July 3rd, since it was the date it was first shown. In that 1985.
Back to the Future became the highest-grossing film of its time, exceeding $380 million worldwide. It’s a movie that continues to make profits and the proof is that on every anniversary it returns to theaters, especially in the US, Mexico and the UK.
It is considered that she revolutionized cinema in 1985, introducing a completely different concept in terms of time travel stories. As well as incorporating items that are now part of pop culture, like the tennis shoes Marty McFly used when he traveled to the future or the Delorean car he traveled with Doc the world.

For all this, CECUT has reincorporated movie nights into the arena we all know and begins with the famous movie Back to the Future. We have an appointment on July 29th at 8:30pm. Admission is absolutely free and free for all audiences, just don’t forget a blanket or blanket until your only concern is taking care of the movie.
Likewise, open more events during the month of July, such as a totally free poetry talk, presented by Eduardo Hurtado, Victor Soto, Ruth Vargas and Jorge Ortega, for Monday the 11th, an opera concert will also be free, among many others.

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