A university researcher will integrate the Prize Committee of the Mexican Academy of Sciences

Research teacher Alexandra Christina Peta Gonzalezwho runs the University Center for Social Research (CUIS) subordinate Colima Universityto be part of Awards Committee 2022-2024 from the Mexican Academy of Sciences (AMC) in the field of humanities.

He was elected through the electronic voting process and the results were announced during the Extraordinary General Assembly meeting held by the members of the Academy at the end of June. she is a manager Journal of American HistoryFrom Inter-American Institute of Geography and history (PAIGH).

In an interview with Dr. Alexandra Petta, part of Mexican Academy of Sciences Since 2015, he commented that being part of this committee “is appreciated, first, by the Academy, because it decides who the nominees will be; later, by my colleagues, because they are the ones who evaluate you based on your CV and consider that you are an objective and capable person to do the job.” “.

The researcher explained that this committee is charged with electing only one candidate per year “to be honored with the highest award granted by the Academy, which is dedicated to research by young scientists. Our task is to review all the candidates’ files and determine who is the person who meets the requirements of the award.”

He added, “It is an honor and at the same time a huge responsibility to choose the winner of the prize, because surely there is more than one good candidate, but there should be only one winner. So, you have to be very fair, analyze the files well, and understand what the scientific field in Mexico looks like. Today, what its condition is, and how it is developing; they also understand the differences between regions and understand not only in theory who has the best influence, but in practice, how the humanities are developing in Mexico today.”

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Alexandra Beta explained that the renewed commissions at AMC are parts; “In the Awards Committee, out of the 8 members, 4 are renewed, and in the following year the remaining 4 members will be renewed; there is always renewal within positions, as it is experienced that there is no kind of subjectivity that can influence the selection process for the winner.”

He said he was very surprised by the fact that in the awards committee, in the field of humanities, out of the four people who were renewed, only women were selected; “Now, of the eight who make up the committee in the humanities field, 7 are women.”

Finally, he shared that being part of this committee “means the vision for the University of Colima; it is to show that it is being fulfilled within it.” scientific reseach in the field of humanities. All these engagements in very important organizations in Mexico are not only done on a personal basis, and obviously one’s approach is valued, but also a challenge to the organization; It speaks well of the person and what is done well in the organization.”

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