They will measure the rating of Netflix and platforms

fighting between Villamisarand Snail and Until the money separates us, from RCN, to select the most watched TV in the country is a real alert. The first has a rating of 8.11, and the second has a rating of 7.71.

Each rating point (in the main hatch, which runs from 8 to 10 p.m.) represents 280,000 people.

The data is provided by Kantar Ibope Media, the company responsible for measuring ratings in the country, numbers that advertising agencies rely on in their advertisements for various TV shows.

The curious thing about it is that oftentimes, the spaces that don’t appear at the top of the most viewed are a trend in social networks, while those that top the list have no relevance in networks. Something is currently going on with space Master Chef Celebritywho despite losing the rankings against his opponent Fund ChallengeIt’s always trending on Twitter.

The reason is that in Colombia only television screens are measured and not mobile devices (for now), such as tablets, computers or phones, where viewers follow their favorite programmes.

Connectivity to the streaming platform, such as Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Star Plus, etc., is not measured.

as measured

Carolina Ibargüen Giraldo, general manager of Kantar Ibope Media in Colombia, explains that the measurement is based on two variables: attendance (turning on the TV) as well as time spent. The rating is proportional to the time they stay connected.

Currently, 1,100 homes in the country are measured by 2,200 people, distributed in 22 cities and six regions of Colombia.

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“People meters measure not only televisions, but also the people in front of them, with the ability to determine the demographics of each,” explains Kantar Ibope Media, Managing Director, Kantar Ibope Media.

The company announces a new audience measurement project on platforms and in-home devices that will “allow video content to be measured for a 360-degree view of home consumption,” explains Carolina Ibargüen, noting that this will be possible thanks to new devices, called Focal Meters, that are already being installed. .

They pointed out from Kantar Ibope Media: “We’ve started with tests with the focal facilities, and information has continued to be collected, but we can’t talk about when the data will be delivered.”


Focal Meter technology is based on panels and powered by your home’s router, collecting data and measuring any device connected to your home Wi-Fi network (SmartTV, laptops, tablets and smartphones), just as it really is. In Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Norway and Israel.

Today, the record of the most watched series, films and documentaries on different platforms is delivered by the same companies, something that Ibope will be able to determine in the future, thanks to Focal Meter.

At the moment, it is not considered to measure the trends shown by social networks, despite their impact.

Another measurement

While Kantar Ibope Media (which has been measuring ratings in Colombia for 30 years) adjusts to new devices that will allow broader scaling of TV consumption and platforms, this week a new report from Claro was released and approved by the National Center. Consulting (CNC).

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The results of this study indicate a distance from Ibope, as they show that the difference in classification between Caracol and RCN-specific channels is minimal.

The first 45.9% (households that monitor), the second 45.8%. In Kantar Ibope, the difference is quite significant: Caracol scores 59% and RCN only 32%.

For these records, Claro and CNC took into account 130,000 decoders in 77,000 homes that had a subscription with this cable operator.

Regarding this new report, Carolina Ibargüen Giraldo, of Ibope, refutes that she collects data only from 40% of the population “and only from their service”. He reiterates that this new measurement only measures boxes (decoders) and not people, as Kantar Ibope does.

In this regard, Daniel Rojas, Director of Claro Media, explained to the media that 43% of the 130,000 set-top boxes watch subscription television, of which the report will have a wide representation.

Besides these differences and developments that seek to measure the number of people watching television and streaming platforms on mobile devices, the fact is that television consumption, since the pandemic, has grown worldwide, to the point that the average Colombian spends 4 hours each day in front of a television screen and 16 minutes

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