It is no longer available to all audiences due to its “discriminatory language”

The UK considers this a “discriminatory” term used by Dutch settlers in Africa in a derogatory manner.

Mary Poppins Stars in the latest case of cultural revisionism from the perspective of the present. the Film age rating The year 1964 was lifted because of him “discriminatory language”.

Thus, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) in the United Kingdom considers that a film should not receive a rating “for all audiences” but rather be considered “Parental Guidance (PG).” That is, it notes that some content may not be appropriate for children.

As detailed in BBCthe change occurs because the word is used up to two times Hottentot. A term historically used pejoratively by Dutch settlers to refer to an ethnic group in South Africa.

In the movie it is used by the character Admiral Boom. In one scene, he asks one of the kids if he's going to beat the Hottentots. Shortly after, upon seeing Chimney sweeps with black faces He shouts: “We're being attacked by Hottentots!”.

“Although the film Mary Poppins has a historical context, the use of discriminatory language is not condemned and ultimately exceeds our guidelines for acceptable language in the United States – rating for all audiences. Therefore, we are rating the film PG for its discriminatory language,” he explains. PBFC.

In addition, the agency notes that in its research on racism and discrimination, it has discovered that one of the main concerns of people, especially parents, is “the possibility of exposing children to discriminatory language or behavior that they may find annoying or repeat without realizing it.” Potential crime.

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The feature film was filmed in London in 1910 and tells the adventures of a magical nanny and the children she cares for.

Mary Poppins He won five Oscars in 1965including Best Actress and Best Song.

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