They stress the rapid deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Ukraine

Nationalists detain hundreds of thousands of people in Mariupol

The head of the Russian National Center for Defense Management, Colonel Mikhail Mezintsev, said on Saturday that the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is rapidly deteriorating, and has already reached “catastrophic” levels in some cities.

According to their words, the nationalists are laying mines in populated neighborhoods and destroying basic public service facilities, and as a result of the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, “the civilian population is forced to remain in inhumane conditions: Without heat, electricity, water supply, food and medicine«.

Mizintsev declared that a “extremely dangerous humanitarian situation” has been recorded in the city of Mariupol, where “hundreds of thousands of people, including foreigners, live, detained by force by the nationalists ”, who stop all attempts to leave the city.

The senior military official explained that for “purely humanitarian reasons” Moscow opened humanitarian corridors on Saturday for the eighth time from various Ukrainian cities, to Russia and through Kyiv-controlled territory to Ukraine’s western border. “Not a single humanitarian passage to the Russian Federation has been confirmed again by official Kyiv, which is again showing.” The indifference of the current authorities towards its peopleannounced.

He also noted that the Ukrainian authorities “continue to assert lightly that there are no civilians or foreigners wishing to leave for the territory of Russia.” “The daily increase in the number of appeals received through various communication channels from Ukrainian citizens and foreigners with evacuation requests suggests the opposite,” he said, adding that the Defense Ministry had received More than 2.6 million requests for evacuation from the territory of Ukraine.

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Mizintsev stated that, despite the full compliance with the ceasefire by the Russian side, the Ukrainian army continues to “cynically violate the agreements reached on opening humanitarian corridors to Russia” and residents of the cities of Kyiv, Chernigov, Kharkov, Sumy, and Mariúpol were simply not notified. .

“At the same time, the nationalists not only stopped shooting in Mariupol, but since 9:30 today objective monitoring teams, including the use of drones, recorded, Increasing its intensity in the direction of humanitarian corridors‘, he confirmed.

Russia asks France and Germany to intervene

During a three-way phone call with his counterparts from France and Germany, today President Vladimir Putin asked his counterpart Emmanuel Macron and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz to mediate on behalf of the Ukrainian population against violations of their rights.

The Russian President provided details of the humanitarian situation in the areas of confrontation after the start of the Moscow military operation in that country on February 24.

In particular, the memo said, Putin referred to events involving serious violations of international humanitarian law by Ukrainian security forces.

He denounced the extrajudicial executions in Ukraine of opponents, the taking of hostages and the use of civilians as human shields, as well as the placement of heavy weapons in residential neighborhoods near hospitals, schools and kindergartens.

He pointed out that the National Brigades systematically and deliberately disrupted operations aimed at saving the population and intimidating civilians when they tried to leave the cities.

The Russian presidency’s message said that Putin urged Macron and Shultz to influence the Kyiv authorities to stop such criminal acts.

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The head of state briefed the representatives of Paris and Berlin on the progress of the talks between the Russian and Ukrainian representatives that took place in recent days, and reiterated the importance of meeting the requirements set by Moscow for a complete cessation of hostilities. (agency summary)

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