“It would be better if you were wiser.”

Former President Aznar believes that agreement on the desert sample of Weakness on the part of Spain. It has already received a response from former President Zapatero, who asserts that there is no change in Spain’s position on the Sahara, and that his government supported that plan in 2008 and calls for caution.

Zapatero spoke to reporters during a visit to the A Coruña City Council. The former socialist president “unfair” Aznar’s criticism of the “idea of ​​the state” is “a bit of a responsibility.”

The socialist defended the current executive, saying that a change of position on the Sahara by the Spanish government was nothing new. He referred directly to the example of his government, which in 2008 defended this position “without the presence of Bigger buzzIn addition, Zapatero clarified that this position corresponds “completely” with the United Nations.

“Since 2007, the United Nations Security Council has been Moroccan proposal capture Presented in April 2007 and making a positive assessment of the efforts involved in advancing conflict resolution, he emphasized. Now it has been officially confirmed along the lines of countries like Germany, France or the United States and another element is assumed so that this historically cruel conflict, i.e., the Sahara now has a new opportunity,” he continued explaining in this regard. It is the position that the Foreign Minister said, Jose Manuel Parisrepeated on several occasions during his appearances in Congress.

Additionally, he reminded Aznar of his administration of Iraq or the Parsley Crisis: “But man please. Bergil, Iraq is part of your mission and administration… It would be nice if you were a little more prudent!”

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belt position

The former populist president asserted that the change of position by Pedro Sanchez’s government was “a very dangerous recklessness and an unfortunate mistake” and also described it as “historic error”.

In this way, there is a flow of sayings between two former heads of government, in which shoemaker His predecessor considers that “this is where he appears if you really think about the country and Spain or if you only think about seeing how little space there is for the opposition” and remarked that when he ruled the people gave him his support as head of the opposition.

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