They say there is not much “guiris” in it

British newspaper the sun published an extensive article before the end of 2023 in which they recommend their readers to visit “Small Spanish town“that Two hours drive from Barcelona.

This is the municipality of Girona Cadaques They do so because they assert that “the majority of Britons planning their next holiday in Spain are likely to do so.” Head to Benidorm or Marbella“Both cities are well known to travelers from the UK,” he defended.

the sun He focused his article on Cadaqués, a city “situated in the central bay of the Cap de Creus peninsula.” “He is known for his relationship One of the world's most famous artists, surrealist Salvador DaliWhich attracts celebrities from all over the world.

The British newspaper admits that it was Dali who put the municipality “on the map” and did so by “attracting big names such as David Hockney, Picasso and even” stars such as “Mick Jagger and Shakira.”

The really strange thing is that the sun She invited British citizens to attend Cadaqués because “it is not a place where many (what the Spanish call it) gather.” “guiris” are poorly educated Britons“.

The Anglo-Saxon media highlights that the municipality “Encourages art“About 60 artists reside there and ‘many galleries display their work.’” “Cadaques also has many distinctive features,” he noted.

The British newspaper reported: “There is only one way in and out, so in the summer the place is usually so crowded that the police have to turn people away.”

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the sun He also talked about the huge egg installed on the dovecote next to Salvador Dali's house. “It's one of many things that shows up in the house and in his work. They reflect his fascination with eggs as a symbol of life, birth and purity.He confirmed.

The above media toured what was the Spanish artist's historic home and ended up recommending you attend because, from £14.99, you can get a flight to Girona Airport. And from there they are.”Only an hour by carOr “a little more than two on public transportation.”

It was not the only British newspaper that recommended traveling to Girona in recent days Telegraph He also included the city among his selection of “marginalized cities” in Europe, which he described as “beautiful, empty, and closest to the airport.”

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