They request the resumption of legislative work in Ecuador due to the state of emergency in Zaruma

Parliamentarians who see it necessary to suspend the break to assess the issue are Darwin Pereira (Pachacotic), Johana Moreira (Democratic Left), Carlos Valques (CSU), Fernanda Studio and Carlos Zambrano (Union for Hope).

In a memo, lawmakers called for an extraordinary session of the plenary session, to discuss approval of an occasional committee tasked with addressing the situation, which has been marked by the destruction of many buildings as a result of illegal mining in the city’s cultural heritage. Ecuador.

The members of the association, who represent the province of El Oro, where Zaruma is located, stress “the prevailing need to take action against the disaster caused by illegal mining and the early intervention of the authorities responsible for its control and remedy.”

Likewise, they pointed out that the previous National Assembly decided to form an occasional committee to follow up on this subject, which was never achieved and was a disappointment to this people.

The order responds to the emerging situation arising from a new crater in the urban area of ​​Zaruma, which has destroyed three homes and damaged at least three streets.

Although no injuries or deaths from the drowning were reported, at least 300 people were affected, so the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, decreed a state of emergency in the city.

With this measure, various state institutions were deployed in place to arrange actions aimed at redressing the problems.

Among the first measures that were published, the activation of temporary accommodation, in addition to conducting an information survey of those affected, who also receive psychosocial support and the delivery of food groups.

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At the same time, the Ministry of Economic and Social Integration coordinates with multilateral organizations in order to ensure the necessary resources for the delivery of the emergency bond.

For years, the residents of the so-called Sultanate of Gold have deplored the authorities’ inaction in the face of their demands to implement resolutions to put an end to the illegal mining that has led to the digging of tunnels and digging holes in the city’s interior. .

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