Amazing Viking treasure found in UK restored reveals ‘exceptional’ medieval quartz and gold flask


December 19, 2021 15:00 GMT

This piece is part of the Galloway Treasury, which is considered the richest, most diverse, and best preserved collection of Viking Age valuables in the country.

Experts from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council and the University of Glasgow have announced the restoration of one of the most striking objects in Galway’s closet, which is considered Collection Richer, more diverse and better preserved than the Viking age valuables found in the country. It is an “unusual” bottle with a height of 5.2 cm made of quartz and decorated with high quality gold perforations from Late eighth or early ninth century.

as details Museum, the piece was found covered with a luxurious layer of linen inside a luxurious leather bag with a luxurious silk inner lining, which took more than 1000 radiographs from different angles to produce a three-dimensional image of the impact, allowing them to “examine it for the first time, while preserving the integrity of the fragile fabric envelope”.

The 3D model revealed a Latin inscription made of gold wire at the base of the bottle. Once the textiles were removed, the experts were able to read “HYGVALDEP: FAC: IUSS” (Bishop Heigwald commanded it to [esto] Done), so it is suspected that the object may have belonged to the particular clergyman, whose identity is already under investigation

As yet it is not yet clear what kind of material the object contains, but judging by the quality of the micro-work, the high specialization required to penetrate the quartz and detail the packaging, researchers suspect that it was used in ritual contexts.

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