They refused to allow artificial intelligence to have patents for its inventions

In a historical case, an American computer scientist He lost his attempt to patent the invention About the inventions created by his system artificial intelligence.

Computer scientist, which is called Stephen ThalerHe sought two UK patents for Dabus’s creations, which he described as his “machine of creativity”. But it was rejected by the British Intellectual Property Office because it was noted that the creator cannot be a machine, but rather a person or a company.

After this event, Thaler appealed to the UK Supreme Court but his application was unanimously rejected. When the judge announced the ruling David Kitchen specified that “the inventor must be a natural person”In accordance with British patent law.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the computer world Lost similar appeal Earlier this year, the Supreme Court refused to accept an appeal against the US Patent and Trademark Office’s refusal to grant patents for inventions made by artificial intelligence.

What is the most beautiful name in the world according to artificial intelligence?

the artificial intelligence He chose it as his name ElenaWhich means “beauty radiating in every sunrise.” It is of Greek origin and originates from the word “helios”, which means the sun in their language and refers to its rising. Her pronunciation is associated with vitality and hope in complete darkness, and is characterized by the softness of her vocals.

On the other hand, this name is associated with Helen of Troy, a legendary figure distinguished by her great beauty and weight in history. She is the daughter of Zeus and sought after by many heroes.

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