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Emma Watson is one of the celebrities who showed the greatest political activity. In parallel with her career as an actress, she usually participates in various events in favor of feminism and gender equality.

For this reason, Emma Watson has been named the most inspiring celebrity, according to a recent study conducted by the UK’s National Citizens Service IMC. The survey was conducted among a group of 1,000 teenagers, who consider themselves more feminist than the previous generation (up to 29%), more hard-working (19%) and more athletic (10%).

Emma Watson took first place on a list of 43 celebrities, which also included Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Zayn Malik. Several study participants revealed that the heroine of “Beauty and the Beast” is one of the most influential feminist role models in “using fame” to advocate for gender equality.

“She’s a great feminist. “She talks a lot about sexism and other discrimination issues, like racism and homophobia, and what she says really inspires me,” one participant said.

In 2014, Emma Watson was an ambassador for the HeforShe movement at the United Nations, where she called for political, economic and social equality. On the acting front, he recently released the movie El Círculo, alongside Tom Hanks.

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