They put together a group of a girl who cried after the German football team was eliminated

Mexico. – One of the most emotional pictures in European Nations Cup 2021 That was from girl crying After the German football team was eliminated.

One fan even took on the task of putting together an online collection so that a file little girl in the question you have a gift After suffering a bitter drink during European Nations Cup 2021.

Was Wales Joel Hughes who created the campaign at Just Giving to raise money for young people who like German football team.

“I’d like to think the little girl’s parents would spend her on a nice gift for her, so she knows that not everyone in the UK is terrible and that we care”

Joel Hughes

Unfortunately, the photo in which he was seen crying has led to many fans of English football team They will use it as the irony even harassment.

Germany beat Portugal 4-2 (Matthias Hengst/AFP)

They have collected more than half a million girl fans of the German football team

The initiative you created Joel Hughes In response to the young admirer’s harassment, she has raised over £25,000 (680,000 pesos) so far.

As told by Joel Hughes himself, the intent is that young amateur I realize that not all Britons are people like that make fun of them her and bully in social networks.

Likewise, the creator of the initiative for the benefit of fans Germany He said that he would not change the world by his act, but that he would at least try to change the concept of the above.

“No, I don’t think it’s going to change the world. But if we end up putting a smile on that girl’s face or making her parents understand that something good is really going on in the UK, then at least we’ve done one thing.

Joel Hughes

German players thank their fans (AP Photo)

The money raised will be donated to a charitable cause

if Joel Hughes I can’t find little girl harassed by teasing After the photo is published, the money will be donated to another charity.

“All I can say is this: If you can contact a reliable organization that can mediate on your behalf, we can have a private conversation about your wishes. Other than that, I intend that all money raised goes to a relevant good cause”

Joel Hughes

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