They propose to establish the Hidalgo Institute of Forensic Sciences

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Local MP’s Brown womanAnd the Roxana Montelegri SalvadorAnd the He presented to the state’s Congress plenary an initiative to establish the Hidalgo Institute of Forensic Sciences.

Stated that He seeks to have an independent institution recognized by the state authorities Which can carry out interventions that support the accused technical party without direct reliance on it.

The initiative states that the Political Constitution of the State of Hidalgo recognizes as independent bodies the Commission for Human Rights, the State Institute of Elections, the State Electoral Court, the Hidalgo Institute for Forensic Sciences, the Institute for Transparency, and Access to Public Government Information and Protection. Of the state’s personal data.

Montelegri Salvador indicated that the Hidalgo Institute of Forensic Sciences intended to be a project similar to the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences established on June 8, 1998, “At that time the State of Jalisco was put in the foreground by implementing the first innovative model since the legal point of view through Granting forensic services technical independence, that is, it has become a decentralized public body with its own assets and legal personality.

He stressed that if the state of Hidalgo intends to put justice first, it must comply with the references not only of national and international institutions as well as the regulatory framework but also of various international instruments.

“It is important to understand that forensic services require a professional professional service that ensures, through opposition examinations, that individuals who duly cover skills and knowledge perform the various disciplines that must be performed in the forensic institution,” he said.

He considered that “it is very important” that the institutes serving the administration of justice at least have the necessary forensic specialties to be able to provide adequate support to both the technical prosecution service and the defense.

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He pointed out that after nearly seven years of full implementation of the accusatory criminal system in the country, great progress has been made in the matter with regard to the material, technical and technological resources that allowed the system to be implemented at the federal level, in 32 states. Also, like the military justice system.

But he added that there is a need for a decentralized, independent body to assist in the investigation and to intervene in it, which supports both the defenses and the prosecution technical body that seeks to approach the search for truth technically and objectively within a framework. Criminal process.

“The people who form these institutions are duly accredited and work in forensic laboratories, duly certified by national and international institutions committed to official Mexican standards in this regard as well as standards of professionalism,” he concluded.

The initiative was handed over to the joint committees for legislation, constitutional points, citizen security and justice for analysis and judgment.

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