London refuses to negotiate over the Falkland Islands and demands the government “put an end to colonialism” – economic, financial and business news

The government responded in harsh terms to the UK’s Tuesday offer of medium and long-term goals for its foreign policy, by announcing its “integrated review” of international affairs, defense, security and development that upholds the rejection. To negotiate the rule Falkland Islands.

British Prime Minister, Boris JohnsonIn London, the House of Commons has a document confirming this The External Office To continue to defend the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands (Sic) South Georgia and the South Sandwich to safeguard the interests of the 3,500 people who live there and are protected by principle Self-determination“.

Hours later, the chancellor vehemently rejected the only reference to paper Towards Argentina, and so argued The United Kingdom “should listen to the international communityIt has been mentioned that, in the case of the Malvinas Islands, is promoting decolonization in the world The way to resolve the sovereign dispute is through bilateral dialogue“, In reference to UN Resolution 2065.

Johnson, British Prime Minister, addresses Parliament on Tuesday.

The Foreign Office told London that “Prime Minister Johnson’s considerations are being repeated The traditional colonial outlook The United Kingdom is in the Falkland Islands and the British group of possessions around the world, and for Argentina it does not express modernity with regard to British colonial policy, “while denying the possibility of applying the principle of self-determination to foreign populations and has been planted in the archipelago since its annexation in 1833.

The diplomatic staff in charge of the minister Felipe Sol He further argued that Great Britain seeks to “seize the wealth there and control both access to Antarctica and the vital corridor between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans”And I held it The main objectives of the United Kingdom are to support a military base in MalvinasWhich caused the rejection of the countries of South America and Africa.

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Since the change of government, bilateral relations have calmed down and focused almost exclusively on the sovereign dispute, to the point where any progress on other matters was rejected without first finding a concession on the British side regarding Malvinas.

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