They plan to resume British politics after the UK election.

During a news conference with foreign journalists, Lamy outlined his strategy for taking a progressive and pragmatic approach to global affairs if Labour wins the July 4 election.

It was a sign of the radical changes that had taken place on the world scene since Labour last came to power.

The last time I remember, when I was a young minister, the British economy was six times bigger than China’s. So how has the world changed?

Reflecting on the challenges facing the UK under a Conservative government, Lammy said Britain felt more divided than ever.

We have seen slow or no growth under this government, and we have seemed isolated in the global community, worried about ourselves, and certainly not the global Britain that the Tories promised.

However, he remained optimistic about the country’s potential, citing its seat on the UN Security Council, its extensive global connections and its soft power.

“We need to reset our relationship with Europe and the EU, supported by a new security agreement between the bloc and the UK,” Lamy concluded.


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