The advanced microscopy unit includes new high-resolution equipment.

Why is this acquisition important to UC and the scientific community?

This technology is unique in Chile and It is the only SR technology that allows experiments on living cells. This microscope surpasses the performance of other UMA equipment currently available in terms of temporal and spatial resolution. The main advantage is that it will be a device with which SR images can be obtained without the need to use special fluorophores (as required in other SR techniques such as PALM or STORM), which means that “Researchers will not have to invest additional time or resources in designing new sample preparation protocols.” Nicole pointed out.

On the other hand, because of High spatial resolution and high acquisition speed, combined with low levels of sample photodamage and photobleaching.He added that the equipment will allow capturing dynamic events in 3D in living cells, organelle tissues or other structures less than 100 nanometers in length.

The equipment will allow access to applications. Various fields: in neuroscience It will allow the study of changes in the components of the pre- and postsynaptic region, To contribute to the study of diseases such as autism, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. In the study of the cytoskeleton, it will allow the monitoring of highly dynamic events (on the order of milliseconds) in its three-dimensional structure, which has implications in the fields of immunology and mechanobiology.

“For example, In cancer studies, the device allows the study of angiogenesis in living cells and the monitoring of extracellular connections, tight junctions, and endocytic invasion. “Three-dimensional thread legs occur in this process,” the technical director added.

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Elyra is available to internal and external UC users in three operating modes:
• Independent use: after undergoing training.
• Acquisition assistance: UMA staff take photos at the user’s direction.
• Remote mode: User can monitor the acquisition process remotely.

UMA also supports undergraduate and graduate students who need to use this equipment, Providing them with recommendations on the proper preparation of samples, the correct acquisition and processing of the images obtained.

How do you access the microscope?

Those who wish to test this equipment can do so for free, and to do so they must write to the e-mail [email protected] Where you can coordinate your visit time.

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