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In these turbulent periods, between power outages, heat, uncertainties, and political campaigns, it is a dose of rainwater, fresh and delicious, the news that Sylvia Cater and Liliana Hessant bring us, which is that, against all odds, the montage scene of It’s time to hug, a co-production between Silkateatro Andante and Running with Lobas, will represent Yucatan and Mexico at the International Puppet Festival in Matanzas, Cuba. Congratulations!

Last Sunday, May 12, at noon, at the Olympo Cultural Center, a travel promotional event was given It’s time to hugwhich has been chosen to represent us at FESTITIM, the International Puppet Festival in Matanzas, Cuba, so solidarity donations are appreciated.

The festival can be defined as an event that avoids the boundaries of any label, which, after 30 years of artistic resistance, will reach its 15th edition, which is considered the largest puppeteer festival in the Republic of Cuba and one of the most important festivals in Cuba. world level in this field.

FESTITIM will be held from May 14 to 19 and will bring together ten Cuban companies and ten international companies from Canada, Spain, Peru, the United States, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. This year the dedication will be to women puppeteers.

In addition to theatrical performances, the festival will include exhibitions, theoretical meetings, concerts and book presentations; In addition to the usual workshops for professionals, amateurs, children and the elderly.

It’s time to hug It tells the story of a mother and daughter, both puppeteers, who are tired of the difficult situation they go through while practicing their profession, so they embark on a metaphorical journey, in order to find the perfect space to live, coexist and share their art. Through the representation of various characters, songs and puppets, we seek to express the importance of the arts and artists, as guarantees of freedom, transcendence, diversity, peace, beauty and justice. The target audience is people over eight years old, teenagers and adults.

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I hug you, dedicated to Wilberth Herrera, the greatest puppeteer in the history of Yucatán, the master demonstrated with the talent and love of his children. Pedro Herrera, director of Típica Yucalpetén, in music and Andrea Herrera, in animation consulting.

It is worth noting that Sylvia Cater twice received prizes at the Matanzas International Puppet Festival in Cuba. In 2022 it was announced: “In the category of Best Female Performance, the award went, by unanimous decision, to Sylvia Cater, for Don Quixote, Historias Andantes, from Mexico.”. In 2023, the same work received the Villanueva Prize for Criticism from UNEAC (National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba).

Thank you Sylvia and Liliana for embracing ARTE. We need more hugs and more art!

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