They hold a traditional medicine meeting

Traditional doctors participated in the first meeting on this topic held in Huazalingo, where they demonstrated the knowledge passed down from generation to generation to treat diseases through herbal treatment and other techniques.

The Municipal Secretary, Homero Sanchez Coronel, presented 10 certificates of appreciation to the traditional doctors and described them as “of vital importance” for preserving the region’s culture.

The invitation to this event was published by the Directorate of Culture and Indigenous Affairs, while the activities were carried out in the Michapa temazcal, located in the San Juan community, where the greats, midwives, herbalists and healers gathered.

Sanchez Coronel emphasized that those who practice these professions know nature, in addition to the fact that their work is necessary in remote areas, where people in an emergency situation do not have medicines or doctors nearby.

“For example, traditional midwives help women a lot before childbirth and during childbirth,” she said.

He noted that the city council is committed to supporting traditional medicine, an activity that falls under “the cultural baggage that comes from our indigenous ancestors.”

He added that in the municipality there are a lot of people with knowledge of herbs, which are passed down from generation to generation.

Salomón Hernández I Huazalingo

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