They have already forgotten the victories of the past and look to the present

The United States has not lost to Mexico since September 2019. (Hector Vivas/Getty Images)

The United States has defeated Mexico in three straight games in 2021. All in various competitions: the Nations League, the Gold Cup and the qualifiers heading to Qatar World Cup 2022. This bad series left a shock in the national team that has not been overcome to this day, which at that time called for discussion of the continuity of the then coach of the trio, Gerardo Tata Martino. CONCACAF found its current leader, the United States, in control thanks to those confrontations that damaged the pride of Mexican football.

But on the other side of the pier, the feeling was completely different. This has been confirmed Anthony Hudsonthe new coach of USA teamIn a press conference, he minimized what happened in those confrontations. “Against Mexico is the biggest match in the world as rivals, but in the last two years, when we beat Mexico, today it no longer matters, it is already in the past and now we are looking for victories, we want to continue.” “Growth (of the national team),” the strategist said.

This idea reflects that the most important thing for the neighbor is the present. While the United States insists on these games, the United States is thinking about how to re-grow those fruits achieved in the past. The easiest thing, especially considering Hudson is a recently arrived coach, is to do his best to get those wins and put pressure on Mexico from now on, not because of tonight's friendly, but as a long-term tool with the Mexican national team. Team: The 2026 World Cup is on the horizon.

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The problem for Mexico is that in every confrontation against the United States, absolute and eternal results are sought. For example, in 2019, Mexico won two matches against its rival within three months: the Gold Cup final (1-0) and a friendly match (3-0). At that time, an atmosphere of celebration prevailed in the Mexican environment: How could someone dare question the Aztecs' dominance of CONCACAF soccer?

It was not taken into account that the United States, despite its loss, already had a strong project up its sleeve with young players who would be sent to Europe in large numbers. They may have lost a friendly final by a landslide, but in any case they laid the stones to build something much bigger than it is today, and you can see some of the results of it: Having beaten Mexico three times in five months in 2021, and a base of players playing in European football. They did not rest on their laurels to think that they had already completed the entire task.

Nor did they do so in 2002, when they were the architects of Mexico's most painful World Cup defeat. Many said that they were indeed the new president of the region, and rightly so, but they did not believe it, because they did not rest at all and, on the contrary, made an effort to achieve new victories – and that was on At that time, the custom of “two to zero” returned. , a fatherhood that Mexico barely managed to achieve in 2016. Looking back, neither defeats nor victories undermined the United States' ability to act steadily and seek incremental improvement. Mexico behaves in exactly the opposite way.

The victories are vague and aim to harken back to a time when no one could talk about you to El Tri in the area. Every defeat is interpreted with complete pessimism, as if no one believed that losing to the United States in football was possible – which is normal, yes, completely normal. We must accept reality as it is: CONCACAF's field must be shared periodically. And not just with him USA teamLikewise with Canada, who were leaders in the last qualifying round for a reason, and most importantly of all, they played exciting football. Mexico probably didn't want CONCACAF to improve because, deep down, it felt comfortable controlling mediocrity. Now that two factions have seized the throne, they are afraid and choose to live between absolute fatalism and the resulting victory.

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