The Age&Life Foundation launches a 360-degree assessment of well-being and dependency project

In recent years, the scientific and professional community has devoted significant efforts to researching it Variables that have a significant relationship with aging and healthy longevity. The additional goal is to find Cause and effect factors Which can be easily modified and which you can Impact through specific interventions It is designed to enable people, by adopting new behaviors or habits, to expand or improve their health, physically, socially, psychologically and emotionally, during aging.

In this sense since Age and Life FoundationThanks to the funding of the Ministry of Social Rights and Consumerism and Agenda 20230; We have launched a new project that we want to implement Piloting the Anubis Comprehensive Assessment Tool to evaluate its validity as a screening assessment tool For a series of factors or dimensions that are closely related, according to Scientific evidence Available, with the longevity of people. This tool consists of Quick test (No more than 5-10 minutes) Designed to be easily used by a trained evaluator.

the Quantitative dimensions By Anubis are loneliness and social support network, genetic factors, health factors, personal factors, experiences and working life history of the person, aspects related to saving and insurance, economic factors, and aspects related to the person’s place of residence. Social variables, interpersonal interaction, aspects related to nutrition and the cognitive state of the person.

After this evaluation conducted on older adults, A Thematic gradation Each variable was analyzed based on what would be expected for each individual based on their age. next to, Areas for improvement can be identified after implementing the psychoeducation programme. It refers to aspects and habits that a person can easily modify to achieve improvement, improve or maintain adequate levels of performance in these areas and, therefore, It positively affects aging and healthy longevity for every individual.

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The project It will be implemented throughout 2024 and has Next stages:

  1. Review and validate study variables
  2. Design interventions based on study variables.
  3. First user rating or basic user rating
  4. Implement personalized interventions
  5. Second user evaluation or post-intervention evaluation
  6. Publication and dissemination of the project

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