They found a huge nugget of gold in the UK, valued at more than 35,000 euros

There are unexpected discoveries that suddenly change the fortunes of those blessed with discovery. Richard Brooke, 67-year-old man. What is considered the largest nugget of gold in the United Kingdom, valued at 30,000 pounds, was found in the English town of Shropshire.Which would be around 35,000 euros at the exchange rate. Best of all, Brock found said nugget just 20 minutes into a solo expedition into farmland in the Shropshire Hills.

The UK's largest gold nugget has been found in Shropshire using metal detectors

The story of this discovery is more than it seems. Brooke had arranged for a group expedition into the aforementioned English region, but unfortunately he arrived late and his equipment broke down, so he was forced to take an older one that did not appear to be in the best condition for use. A few minutes later, the 67-year-old struck gold (almost literally) by finding a nugget weighing 64.8 grams, which remained buried about 15cm underground: “Everyone present had all this up-to-date equipment and… I set off with three old machines, and one of them is packed thereBrock announced, as reported from witty.

Richard Brooke found a large nugget of gold worth €35,000.

“It shows you really are No matter what equipment you use. “If you keep up with the discovery and are alert enough to what could be lurking underground, it will make a difference.” And Brock is right, because he didn't need modern, up-to-date equipment to make what he did, of course. One of the most surprising discoveries made in the UK using metal detectors. The gold nugget in question will be auctioned off by Moloch Jones and its profits will be shared with the owner of the land that Brock explored for the discovery.

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