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Cuba participates in the Development Financing Forum

The United Nations Economic and Social Council Forum, Ecosoc, on Monitoring Financing for Development, started yesterday at United Nations Headquarters and will continue until tomorrow. The purpose is to assess compliance with the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, and should be a key space for indicating the financing needs of developing countries, as well as the means of implementing the SDGs. Cuba participates as country and chair of the Group of 77 plus China. (copaminerx)

UK food prices: 80% more expensive

The cost of basic food items in the UK is 80% higher than in 2022, according to Consumer Watchdog, a progressive non-profit organization and consumer advocate. The study reveals how traditionally cheaper products are the most affected by inflation, which since last December has been around 10%, representing not many meals for some sectors of society. (PL)

The former attorney general of Mexico is accused of torture in the Ayotzinaba case

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office has charged former lawyer Jesús Murillo Karam with alleged responsibility for the torture of Felipe Rodriguez, of the Guerreros Unidos gang, implicated in the disappearance of 43 students from Ayotzinapa. Likewise, he was blamed for the enforced disappearance of persons and the coalition of public servants. These charges were proven during a closed virtual hearing at the Federal Criminal Justice Center in South Prison. The accused has been under justified preventive detention since last August. (today)

Argentines are moving against the visit of the head of the Southern Command

Argentines in Buenos Aires protested the visit of the commander of the US Southern Command, General Laura Richardson, and his country’s entourage. Various social groups organized a demonstration against the US intervention in the region and the policies of the International Monetary Fund. They denounced the neo-colonial position of the American general, which was manifested in her speeches, and accused the White House of seeking to seize the riches of South America. (PL)

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