They flew! In the first minutes, the medical, dental and nursing files of the UAS are exhausted

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All tutorials that offered tokens in this first set have sold out

Culiacan, Sen.- The online pre-registration process for the Autonomous University of Sinaloa began on Monday, April 15 (UAS) for the highest level of professions in the field of health, and in the first minutes tokens were sold in medicine and other professions with high demand.

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In the case of medicine, Some applicants reported that it was 8:01 a.m. when they entered the platform This profession is no longer available to themSo they did not have enough space, while others pointed out that in the first minutes there were no spaces in other specialties such as dentistry and nursing.

According to the page, the data of which was updated at 9:00 a.m., the programs sold are: Medicine, Center for Research and Teaching in Health Sciences (Cidocs), Dentistry, Physical Education and Sports, Chemical Biosciences, Nutritional Sciences and Culinary Arts. Nursing and Biology, i.e. all educational programs offered in this “A” group.

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On the UAS page it was stated Importantly, if you have already received your pre-registration form, it is essential that you pay immediately “So that you can complete the pre-registration process, and upload your file and photo, as soon as possible. Files that are not fully processed will be cancelled, without any responsibility on the part of the institution.”Says a section of the educational institution's platform.

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It is worth noting that this process will continue this Tuesday and the role of jobs in the field of engineering will be. Such as architecture, agricultural engineering, marine sciences, earth sciences, physics and mathematics.

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