Smart TV: Do you own a Samsung, LG, or Sony TV? So you can watch more than 50 free channels | Present

This is what Sony One channels look like on a Samsung Smart TV. Image: Samsung | This is what Sony One channels look like on a Samsung Smart TV. Image: Samsung

Have you bought a smart TV? It is very likely that you have an account Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, the above Or other streaming platforms. despite of Subscribe to these apps They are not expensive, and if you have more than one, the monthly payment will be very high. Fortunately, there are many alternative services that allow you to enjoy a wide range of series and movies, among other programs, completely free.

Currently, if you think of a streaming platform that requires no payment, Pluto TV or Plex will automatically come to mind, as they are the most popular; However, they are not the only ones out there. There is a service called Sony One Which also allows you to enjoy free content and is available not only on TVs of this Japanese brand, but also on LG and Samsung.

What is Sony One?

As detailed in 20 Minutos, Sony has just announced Sony One, a new service that will allow thousands of people to watch 54 channels completely free, but with ads. That is, users will have access to various programs that will be interrupted from time to time and an advertisement will be shown, similar to commercials broadcast by traditional television channels.

According to the post, Sony One will not only be a service that works on the Japanese brand's TVs, and people who own a Samsung or LG Smart TV will also be able to access it, as long as they meet two requirements: owning a Samsung TV. Plus or LG channels, respectively, and you live in one of the countries chosen by the Japanese company. Is it located in Peru?

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Unfortunately, Sony One is an exclusive service for people living in some European countries such as the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. At the moment, it is not known whether it will be enabled in Peru or other South American countries, but it is likely that we will be able to enjoy it, although we will have to wait a little until then.

“We recognize the potential of the free, ad-supported TV space to attract new viewers globally, thanks to our deep catalog of films and series. Our entry into the FAST space in Europe reflects our dedication to making premium content accessible to audiences in important new areas,” said Pete Wood, Vice President Head of Digital Sales and Distribution at Sony Pictures: “Distribution channels.

What free channels are available on Sony One?

Keep in mind that each European country will have modified content depending on the streaming rights available. Among the most important TV channels we will have the following:

  1. Sony One Comedy TV
  2. Sony One Thriller TV
  3. Sony's favorite one
  4. Sony One Comedy Hits
  5. Sony One Action Hits
  6. Sony One Shark Tank
  7. Sony One Dragons Den
  8. Sony one blacklist

What movies and series can you watch on Sony One?

If you are a series fan, you will be happy to know that you can enjoy popular shows like Seinfeld, The Nanny, The Goldbergs, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Justified, Bewitche, Community, Dawson's Creek, and more. It is also possible to access hit reality shows such as Shark Tank or various movies, including Step Brothers, Jerry Maguire, Easy A, District 9, Men in Black, Zombieland, etc.

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What does Sony say about Sony One channels?

The Japanese company revealed on its official website that Sony One is also available in Mexico with a set of four completely free streaming channels where you can enjoy the culture and scene of novels, comics, game shows and Shark Tank that the global audience demands. Here is a description of them:

  • Sonny One novels Dedicated to modern series, classic and popular dramas around the world. Exciting series such as Doña Bárbara, Señorita Pólvora and El Mariachi will bring intrigues, surprises and wonderful love stories to your screens.
  • Sony One competencies Dedicated to the most exciting competition games in Latin America, it keeps its viewers glued to their screens as contestants face their challenges in exciting and fun battles.
  • Sony One Comedy Offering modern adaptations of popular Latin American comedies and series, including classic titles like Casado con Hijos, La Nañera, La Suegra and many more that won't let you stop laughing.
  • Sony One Shark Tank Dedicated to the hit international franchise that invites viewers to witness the drama behind business pitches between aspiring entrepreneurs and business tycoons.

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