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William Cambridge Second in ranking to the UK throne after his father, Prince Charles of Wales, he added another title to the long list of positions in the British monarchy and in the English army, now, the 38-year-old man He became the most attractive bald man in the world.

This result was obtained from a study by plastic surgeons “Longevita”, which was cited by “The Sun” and which included more than 17 million times, blogs, reports, and web pages, all searched on Google, describing William Cambridge as a sexy man, overpowering International celebrities such as boxing legend Mike Tyson, Hollywood actor Jason Statham, singer Pitbull and basketball player Michael Jordan, who ranked first.

In addition to these, Dwayne Johnson, better known as “The Rock,” Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Floyd Mayweather, and John Travolta were other names of the bald men mentioned in the aforementioned study to form the top ten. Note this actor Patrick Stewart and Russian President Vladimir Putin came close to making this list. Also read: Prince William: “I am not trapped,” responds sharply to his brother

“You have quite a few bald public figures that we can be happy with,” said a Longevita spokesperson.

According to the results of searches on Google that were taken in the study, the numbers are as follows:

  1. Prince William, $ 17.6 million
  2. Mike Tyson – 8.8 million
  3. Jason Statham, with 7.4 million
  4. Pitbull: 5.4 million
  5. Michael Jordan – 5.3 million
  6. Floyd Mayweather with 4.3 million
  7. John Travolta – 3.8 million
  8. Bruce Willis – 3.3 million
  9. Dwayne Johnson – 2.6 million
  10. Vin Diesel – 2.3 million
  11. Vladimir Putin, with 2.2 million
  12. Patrick Stewart with 1.1 million
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