La Jornada – Women can no longer ask for permission, and they have to open the sites to say what they feel and think:

Mexico City. Just as it was historically decided that women should be outside public spaces and work areas, there must now be a conscious decision for women to occupy better work spaces, given that they are also citizens, and they have the same rights, and they have to participate in decision-making, which also affects them, and provides a perspective. Sexually. Women can no longer ask for permission. They have to open the sites to say what they feel and think. “

The above was expressed by Dr. Artemisa Montes, Executive Director of the Mexican Observatory of the Crisis

During the discussion of “Health, Sports and Development: Women Leadership in the 21st Century”, with the participation of Reina Marley Flores Martinez, Director of the FIFA Women’s Football Championships.

The dialogue was part of the joint work of both institutions to eliminate discrimination against girls and women, as this is the first step towards achieving substantive gender equality.

“The low participation of women in public life is related to misconceptions about good things and what they cannot participate in, or arguing, or even, in bodily issues or beliefs such as that women are not good at mathematics, science or economics,” said Artemisa Montes, PhD. In political economy from the University of Bristol, UK, “because they are so passionate or emotional, and that was closing spaces in front of them.”

For her part, Marley Flores Martinez said that it is not only a matter of providing space for women, but also opportunities that enable them to make decisions. The FIFA official said that in different fields of work there should be an equal opportunity practice and that in industries there is a tendency to focus on people’s knowledge and experiences, without regard to gender, as is the case in football; If there is inclusion, it will give the insight and motivation that regardless of the country you live in or your gender, if the capabilities are sufficient, then the opportunity should be given.

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Globally, only 18 percent of firms are run by women, and when it comes to executive positions in financial institutions, less than 2 percent are held by women. On the other hand, a study conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) revealed that countries in which women occupy positions in economic decisions have good results, according to Dr. Montes.

For this reason, a graduate in International Relations from UNAM also added that “Since women have forged their way in different fields, they have shown that the results of their work are not only as good or better than what was thought among men, but they are wonderful. In certain fields it has nothing to do with real preparation or opportunities; in Mexico, for example, there are currently more women as professionals in social sciences, business or management, and the trend is that they are increasing in jobs like engineering. ”

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