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A scientific achievement that has reached the field of astronomy, which is an international team of Scientists Be able to watch the process live feed Subordinate Black hole Center this Neighboring galaxy Thanks to Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes.

AndromedaVisible to the naked eye and close to our eyes milky wayHe harbors in his heart A Giant black hole with Mass Which exceeds 100 million times the size of the Sun, this cosmic giant, despite its existence Magnitudeand is known to be one of black holes As a minor activityemitting little radiation Compared to others in its class, e.g Sagittarius A* In our midst galaxy.

the activity from U.S Black hole It is closely related to his style feedThis is how Theme What surrounds him rushes towards him center. While in milky way This process is difficult to trace because position Subordinate Land in the plane Galaxy, Andromeda progress Unique perspective Less obstruction to your monitoring Black hole middle.

This is the latest achievement world It has been made possible thanks to the combination Notes Subordinate Hubble and Spitzer telescopes. The team is led by the group Computational astrophysics at the University of Munich Observatory And the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands He was able to study in detail how Andromeda's central black hole It is fed precisely.

Christian Aliggroup researcher Computational astrophysicsDescribe black holes As they “devour eagerly meal Even so, it is sensitive. The study reveals That when these cosmic giants are fed little by little, they leave no visible trace of their feast. However, when feed If he is forced and excessive, his reaction becomes “violent and aggressive.”

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he Andromeda's central black hole It is fed through Long filaments of dust and gas Which is found in some distance Subordinate essence Subordinate galaxy. These threads, according to Almudena PretoResearcher Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary IslandsThey spiral in Black holecreating an image similar to that of water rushing down a stream.

the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes They played complementary roles in this discovery. While the Hubble Allows to see blackness From Filament dust In visible light, Spitzer These filaments distinguish themselves in the infrared range. A combination of these Notes I offered a Full view and detailed process Accumulation of materials that surrounds Black hole.

The Andromeda Galaxy captured by the Spitzer Space Telescope and provided by IAC. Source: AIC/EFE

the Proximity Subordinate Andromeda Galaxy allowed to Notes Subordinate essence With the Spitzer telescope It was the most detailed yet, reaching levels Accuracy comparable to those Hubble telescope.

As we reveal the universe secretsEvery new discovery brings us closer to understanding complication And the amazing Of the phenomena that occur in vast areas of space.

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