Progress has been reported in Nicaragua in a money laundering case

The entity indicated, through a statement, that the National Police Judicial Aid Directorate conducted a detailed investigation and charged the criminal structure consisting of 17 people.

The Public Prosecution published the names of those associated with this event and mentioned Jacob Britton. John Britton; Cassandra May Hancock; Valner Omer Blandon; Marisela de Fátima Mejía; Marcos Sergio Hernandez and Harry Lenning Rios.

The list continues with the names of Manuel de Jesus Ríos. José Luis Orozco Urrutia; Alvaro Daniel Escobar; Juan Carlos Chavarria Zapata; Juan Luis Moncada; Orfin Alexis Moncada; Cesar Facundo Bugarin; Isabel Cristina Acevedo and Maricarmen Espinosa Segura.

According to the text, the origin of the aforementioned investigation is the large movements of funds registered in the bank accounts of the accused Valner Omer Blandón and Marisela de Fátima Mejía, legal representative and CFO, respectively, of the Nicaraguan company of the Ministry of Puerta. De la Mountain.

The document added that the headquarters of Puertas de la Montana is located in the United States and is managed by co-defendants Jacob Britton Hancock and John Britton Hancock.

According to the document, the aforementioned organization appeared to be generous to the population, but with the participation of Nicaraguan lawyers, they formed commercial companies to transfer funds received from abroad and instead manipulate them to cover the supposed altruistic purposes of the Puerta de la Montana. Which is used for personal interests.

In this sense, the Public Ministry mentioned the purchase of real estate, luxury vehicles and other items, as it used the tax breaks granted by the laws of the Central American country to non-profit organizations.

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He stressed that “the large sums of money that were deposited in Nicaragua’s Puerta de la Montaña organization prompted the Financial Analysis Unit to issue reports on suspicious money laundering operations, as the legal source of the funds was not confirmed.” .

He noted that the companies established here as Puente Plomo SA, Vertical Bridge Works, LLC., Conexión Vertical SA and Operaciones Blandón Hancock SA had partners posing as supposed religious leaders (priests), the co-accused themselves, people from their families, the environment and members of the organization. The supposed religion they trust.

The Nicaraguan institution stated that the Public Prosecutor's Office drafted and submitted the relevant charges, which were accepted by the criminal courts of the Managua region, announcing the complex treatment of the matter and calling for a preliminary hearing on the 26th of this month.

At that hearing, the Public Prosecution will request, based on the evidence obtained, that the case be referred to an oral and public trial.

Regarding the other defendants who are fleeing justice, the memorandum stated that coordination is being made with the police authorities, for permanent surveillance that allows them to be located and arrested, under the protection of judicial arrest orders issued.

He added that compliance with constitutional rights and due process guarantees had been verified, ensuring the right to defend detained defendants.

He also stated that determining support for the charge before the courts is based on the evidence provided, including witness statements, expert reports, documents, etc.


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