They bring minors closer to science

Ray Garcia J.

El Mundo newspaper

Moving from curiosity to scientific knowledge was the goal of Science Week, a strategy promoted to bring minors closer to science.

More than 210 students from three educational schools in the municipality of Río Blanco participated this week, where the children were able to conduct experiments and learn about the behaviors and results.

In the educational institutions “Niños Héroes”, “Mártires de 1907” and “José María Pino Suárez” secondary schools, students had the opportunity to participate in workshops and practical activities, facilitated by experts in different scientific fields.

This experience allowed young people to broaden their horizons, enhance their curiosity and enhance their skills in science, physics, chemistry and technology, announced the Director of Education and Culture of the City Council, Irving Tezuko Beral.

At Science Week we were supported by engineer Carlos Hernández del Valle and students from the Benito Juárez Welfare University, headquarters of the Rio Blanco, who shared some scientific experiments.

He stressed that the goal is to awaken curiosity in minors and then discover the reason why things happen in a proven way.

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