Remains of a huge marine reptile found in the UK

Experts recreated the image of the animal.

A group of scientists identified the remains of a huge marine reptile on the shores of the United Kingdom, and reconstructed the shape of the animal, which they indicated was the size of two groups.

According to the University of Bristol, this huge creature lived about 202 million years ago with the dinosaurs, and could reach a length of 25 meters.

The leader said: “Based on the size of the jaws, one of which was more than a meter long and the other two meters long, we can calculate that the length of the entire animal was about 25 meters, which is approximately equivalent to the length of a blue whale.” From the research paleontologist Dean Lomax.

However, he noted that “more tests are needed” to confirm the creature's exact size, because so far only a few parts have been found.

Regarding this discovery, he said he was “very impressed and very excited.” “I knew we had a second giant jaw from one of these huge ichthyosaurs,” Lomax said.

“I dug through all the thick clay. After about an hour, my shovel hit something hard and the bone came out perfectly preserved.

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