They ask to investigate Bolsonaro in Brazil in the case of corruption

BRASILIA, Three senators today filed a lawsuit with the Brazilian Supreme Court to investigate President Jair Bolsonaro for an alleged offense of dodging, when he failed to act in a corruption case.

“Today I filed a lawsuit before the Federal Supreme Court due to a serious complaint that the President of the Republic did not take any action after informing him of a massive corruption scheme that exists in the Ministry of Health,” said one of the complainants, MP. Randolph Rodriguez.

Rodriguez serves as the deputy chair of the Senate Committee (CPI) that investigates the government’s actions, negligence and negligence in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic that has caused more than 500,000 deaths and nearly 19 million infections in the country.

Lawmakers Jorge Cajuro and Fabiano Contarato also submitted the notification to the Supreme Court, and the case rapporteur will be Judge Rosa Weber.

Based on the testimony of brothers Luis and Ricardo Miranda at the International Criminal Court, last Friday, members of Congress announced that they would to the Supreme Court.

Now it is up to that court to decide whether to ask the attorney general’s office to open a formal investigation into the case.

According to the Penal Code, evasiveness is “the delay or failure to perform an official act inappropriately, or to carry it out in contravention of an express provision of the law to satisfy a personal interest or feeling.”

This crime is considered one of the crimes committed by an official against the public administration.

At the Parliamentary Inquiry Council, the Miranda brothers said they had informed Bolsonaro of the unusual pressure they had faced in purchasing Covaxin, the Indian vaccine against Covid-19.

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They denounced irregularities in the negotiations, such as paying a millionaire up front to a company that did not appear in the contract.

According to Luis Miranda, upon hearing the report on suspicions, Bolsonaro attributed the irregularities to the head of government in the Chamber of Deputies, Ricardo Barros.

He commented that he would release the Federal Police to investigate the case, and Barros denied wrongdoing.

For Rodrigues, following the stories of the Miranda brothers at the ICC, it is possible to understand that Bolsonaro was aware of a possible criminal network involving the acquisition of Covaxin and “was aware of who was involved in the alleged criminal scheme”.

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