They are forced to pay their daughter’s expenses to get her medical degree

Not finishing school on time is not a reason for parents to stop paying for their children’s college education. This was established by the Cantabrian Provincial Court, which obliges the parents, by judgment, to Continuing to pay for the medical profession For his daughter in the same private university where he started studying. The judges consider that although they have not completed their studies in six years, it Not an estimate of its insufficient application to studies in order to Consider canceling the parents’ obligation to pay their expenses (Article 152-5 of the Civil Code).

Specifically, the judges considered that the application of this rule would be “too much.” strict and disproportionate“In this case, because even when the academic organization of medical studies contemplates their possible completion in six courses, “Great difficulty in the same and remarkable effort” Which they are asking for, according to the media Legal news.

Therefore, it was concluded that Use two more cycles Punishment of the applicant for losing the right of her parents to participate in these studies is not justified. Especially when you are only Missing course to finish degree.

Paying medical fees at a private university

In addition, in this case, the father expressed his opposition to continuing to pay private university fees, but the judges remember that both parents agreed on this at the time and both Maintain adequate economic position Regarding the attendance of that maintenance on the daughter in the last course of her career, and it has not been approved There is not enough reason to force a change of university.

In this sense, the fact of divorce was highlighted by decree Organizing the contribution to food of children between the parents themselves – the current and uncontested system of ordinary alimony – does not limit Plaintiff’s right to demand what you need To study them as soon as they reach adulthood, except for the normal food that the mother deserves. That is, the expense and the cost of studies are different.

In conclusion, the court orders the parents to pay half of all expenses claimed until then Your daughter is continuing her medical studies In the same university where he was studying from the beginning regardless of the amounts that were paid in compliance with the ruling of dismissal.

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