Spain and Romania in Davis 2022 with five stadiums

On the day of the 2021 Davis Cup Final, tournament organizers have already delivered news of the next edition. On the one hand, they confirmed that they will repeat the multi-site model that will go from three to five sites, although they have not yet revealed what it will be. The two invited teams, namely Serbia and Great Britain, have also been announced, as well as the 12 qualifying matches to be held on 4 and 5 March, in which Spain will play Romania.

Among the other crosses brought by France, Ecuador, the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and the Czech Republic, which were conducted in the presence of USAF President Dave Haggerty and FIFA Director General. 2021 Finals Spaniard Fernando Verdasco, three-time winner of the competition.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Cosmos, the main sponsor of the Davis Cup, have announced that there will be several group stage venues and a semi-final and final venue, but no country names have been announced. which will host the tournament next year.

The Davis Cup, which will complete its third edition in the new format next year, is changing its formula once again. It will be with sixteen teams instead of the eighteen who participated in 2021 and will have an initial four-group round with as many teams as possible, instead of six out of three.

Davis Cup 2022

Four cities will host the qualifiers and the fifth final stage

There will be multiple venues for this initial tour. As happened this year, where Turin, Innsbruck and Madrid hosted the group stage, in the 2022 edition, there will be four cities that will stage the first round of the event. The top of each quartet will join the visitors (Serbia and Great Britain) and the 2021 finalists (Russia and Croatia) to move to a different stage to play the semi-finals and final.

Enrique Rojas, General Manager of Cosmos, indicated that there are several options and interested cities, but the decision will be announced in the coming weeks after evaluating the candidates, although he confirmed that they will be at the same height. In recent days, choosing Abu Dhabi to host the 2022 final was a foregone conclusion, but the CEO of Cosmos has not confirmed this. Enrique Roja admitted that she is one of the candidates, with whom negotiations have been conducted for a long time, despite the fact that the agreement was not signed. Anyway, it will be decided in the coming weeks, next January.

2022 Davis Cup Preliminary Qualifiers

  1. France and Ecuador
  2. Spain and Romania
  3. Finland-Belgium
  4. United States and Colombia
  5. Holland and Canada
  6. Brazil and Germany
  7. Slovakia and Italy
  8. Australia-Hungary
  9. Norway and Kazakhstan
  10. Sweden and Japan
  11. Argentina – Czech Republic
  12. Korea and Austria.

Along with the qualifying rounds leading up to the finals, the World Group I and II competitions have also been withdrawn, also on 4 and 5 March 2022.

First world group

Chile – Slovenia

India and Denmark

Uzbekistan and Turkey

Portugal and Poland

Tony’s Bosya Herzegovina

Israel and South Africa

New Zealand and Uruguay

Ukraine – Barbados

Pakistan and Lithuania

Peru – Bolivia

Switzerland – Lebanon

Belarus and Mexico

The second world group

China and Ireland

Dominican R-Vietnam

Thailand and Lithuania

Guatemala and China Taipei

Indonesia and Venezuela

Estonia and the Pacific Oceania


Greece – Jamaica


Bulgaria and Paraguay

Zimbabwe and El Salvador

Benin and Hong Kong.

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