They are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the College of Chemical Sciences and Engineering at UABC – El Sol de Tijuana

On Monday, the Faculty of Chemical Sciences and Engineering (FCQI) of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) celebrated its 50th anniversary.

In the presence of the former directors of FCQI and the President of the Foundation, Luis Enrique Palafox Maestre, the commemorative event was held, awards were presented and the cake was cut.

Roberto Alejandro Reyes Martinez, current director of FCQI, said the college is the only one in chemical sciences in the entire state, covering three majors and four engineering courses.

“The faculty is a key pillar because we produce a high-quality product that is recognized locally, nationally and internationally. We have people in Europe, Asia, South America and the US, and the majority of graduates are successful.

The college was founded in 1974, with classes in three groups of generalized chemical sciences, in a building loaned from the medical school, Reyes Martinez said.

He added that in 1983, the college was divided into two departments: Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemical Engineering, and the number of students was 200.

Currently, more than 2,300 students study the seven degrees, master's and doctoral degrees offered by FCQI.

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Reyes Martinez said the professions with the highest demand and number of students graduating are chemists, pharmacists, biology and industrial engineering.

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