Disappeared in Jalisco: The disappearance of UdeG student, Miguel Alejandro Soto Marin, has been reported

The University of Guadalajara has condemned the disappearance of student Miguel Alejandro Soto Marin. The 22-year-old is studying Business Engineering at the University Center for Management Economics (CUCA).

“We demand that he be found alive, and barbarism should not be normalized.”

The university said in a statement: On the night of September 15, the young man was at his house in the Los Olivos de Tlaquepaque division, when a group of people entered the house.They stole a truck and took Miguel Alejandro. They state that since that day nothing has been known about his whereabouts.

“Once again, a member of our community is directly experiencing the climate of insecurity prevailing in Jalisco, with grave consequences. The University of Guadalajara calls on the authorities to immediately search for Miguel, whose complaint is already in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in to locate him alive.”

In his social networks, the rector of the university, Ricardo Villanueva Lomelli, joined the demand to locate the student alive.

“We are in contact with his family and the authorities. We demand that he be found alive, barbarism should not be normalized,” he wrote.

The university statement states that contacting the authorities is So that each of the thousands of complaints of disappearances registered at the state level are processed.



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