They approved the list of the science council

The authority was created with the idea of ​​managing tools to promote and finance the integrated development of technology and innovations.

meet the The Board of Directors of the Pampean Agency for Open Science, Technology and Innovation. At the meeting, the operating regulations for its operation were approved.

The idea is to manage tools Promotion, development and financing for the integrated development of technology, innovations and sciencesProviding advice and promoting the development of micro, small and medium enterprises, especially those related to research and knowledge.

headed by the Minister of Production, Fernanda GonzalezThe second meeting of the Council was in General Pico City to discuss various issues related to its implementation.

The Agency Executive Director, Veronica DuarteHe explained that progress has been made in aspects related to the implementation and start of the agency’s work, its internal systems, organizational structure and functional features. At the same time, he stressed that “the operating regulations for the operation of the scientific and technological pole of La Pampa have been submitted and approved.”

The Pampean Agency for Open Science, Technology and Innovation aims to advise and promote the development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, especially those associated with research and knowledge. In this sense, Duarte clarified the following actions of the Foundation, “In principle we want to provide the foundations of the call to embrace technology-based companies, as well as to meet different sectors of the knowledge economy and private companies in order to develop the training and qualification strategies required by the sector and their sustainability as development axes of the Agency. We also intend to sign Cooperation framework agreements with different organizations and institutions so that we can carry out actions and activities together.”

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