Johnny Depp spent over 1 million pesos celebrating after beating Amber Heard

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After a hard trial between the actress Amber Heard And Johnny Depp and last Wednesday, June 1, it was revealed that the 58-year-old actor had emerged victorious in the legal lawsuit he faced against his ex-wife over… libelAfter the authorities announced the winner of the case The actor went to celebrate, but paid a fortune for said party.

According to the Daily Mail website, The famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor would have spent about 50 thousand pounds which in Mexican pesos was an exorbitant amount of one million 228 thousand 945 pesos..

It seems that Johnny Depp He decided to celebrate this victory with his musician friend named Jeff Beck He invited about 20 other people who gathered in an elegant restaurant VaranasiIn the United kingdomlast Sunday night.

Why did Johnny Depp spend so much?

Johnny Depp and his companions arrived at that place about seven o’clock at night, which was closed and could not be accessed by anyone else in the public, which cost between 25 thousand and 30 thousand pounds sterling, which is more than 700 thousand Mexican pesos.

The Varanasi manager revealed that a special banquet was prepared for Deep and his guests, which consisted of shish kebab, chicken tikka, tandoori prawns, panna cotta and cheesecake..

Only on food would have been spent about £95, which is the equivalent of 2,335 in Mexican pesos.

While in drinks and cocktails the actor and his companions They spent a little more, paying £7,500 for pink champagne alone, £1,200 for wine per bottle, and £100 – £500 for cocktails each, for a total of around £8,200. Approx (201 thousand 546. 98 Mexican pesos).

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