They announced five new sports for the Olympic Games and left boxing “on hold”

The 2028 Olympic Games will be held in Los Angeles.

he International Olympic Committee (IOC) The program was approved Monday Los Angeles 2028 GamesWhere they will enter Five new sports. As suggested on Friday by the organization’s executive committee meeting in Bombay, its inclusion cricket, Baseball/softball, squash, soccer A type of offline American football) and Lacrosse.

The late football is undoubtedly the most eye-catching of the additions. He is Similar to NFL football But with a reduced formation of five members per team to stop the opponent, one of the flags or straps they carry on either side of their hips must be removed without using physical contact.

For its part, cricket is returning to the Games more than a century after it appeared briefly in the Paris 1900 edition. “It has more than 2.5 billion followers in the world and represents an extraordinary potential to attract new countries and new communities,” he said. Austrian Karl Stuss, Chairman of the Olympic Program Committee, pointed out that India is the king of sports in India, which is currently organizing the World Cup.

Soccer is more dynamic than American football and is played in smaller teams (2022 World Games)

With the five new specializations, In total there will be 35 or maybe 36 sports on the Los Angeles program, register. The International Olympic Committee confirmed that it had retained two sports that were about to be withdrawn, modern pentathlon and weightlifting, and He couldn’t decide on boxing.

Gloves face an uncertain long-term future at the Olympic Games after next June. The International Boxing Federation was effectively expelled from the Olympic movement After a bitter dispute between the heads of the games and their Russian president, Omar Kremlev.

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The withdrawal of recognition by the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee followed concerns about the credibility of the tournaments sanctioned by the International Boxing Federation, as well as the finances and management of boxing’s governing body. No other governing body for boxing is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

The International Olympic Committee said on Monday that it has not yet recognized another governing body for Olympic boxing, and the Executive Board has decided to do so “Any decision regarding including boxing in the LA28 sports program is suspended.”. He added: “Therefore, there was no discussion about this matter at the IOC session.”

With information from Agence France-Presse

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