They accuse Google of allegedly collecting data on users’ location even with the functionality disabled


May 30, 2021 21:41 GMT

According to the lawsuit documents, Google has also pressured several smartphone manufacturers to hide the geolocation settings on their devices from users.

Lawsuit documents against Google indicate that the company has intentionally made it difficult to find privacy settings for Android smartphone users and to collect data about their location even with the functionality disabled. Reports The Verge, citing reports by Arizona State Attorney Mark Bernovich.

The original lawsuit was filed against Google by Brnovich in May of last year, alleging that the company kept location tracking in the background for some apps, and discontinued this practice only when users disabled this system-wide tracking of their devices.

According to the documents, Google management also pressured LG and other smartphone makers to hide geolocation settings on their devices from users.

For his part, Google spokesman Jose Castaneda said in an email to The Verge that Bernovic and “the competitors leading this lawsuit have done everything in their power to misrepresent our services.” According to the spokesperson, the company has always integrated privacy features into its products and introduced strong location data controls.

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